Travel Photography

Travel is a special time when we step outside of our comfort zones to explore foreign lands and people. Regardless of how different other cultures may appear on the surface, we’re all quite similar. Travel photography is an excellent opportunity to bridge those gaps and share in our common humanity.

  • Negril, Jamaica 2012

    As is becoming the tradition, I set off to the Caribbean again this February. As much as I love Asheville, I’m finding that late winter can really be taxing for me. The mountains are a lovely shade of greyish-brown, spring is mocking me from around the corner, and I’ve depleted any surplus of vitamin-D I may have The post Negril, Jamaica 2012 first appeared on Brown Mountain Light Photography.

  • Alaska Bound!

    So I’m off to Alaska again and making photography more of a priority this time. During my first trip two years ago, I was traveling with only  a point-and-shoot Canon which produced some great snapshots but fell short of delivering great photos that really convey Alaska’s beauty and character. This year I’ll have my DSLR, tripod, and a handful The post Alaska Bound! first appeared on Brown Mountain Light […]