zach-brown-5161Who Is Zach Brown?

Aside from a guy who gets asked about being a country music star a lot, I’m also a clinical massage therapist and freelance photographer in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. Working primarily in low-light and event photography, I enjoy the challenge of capturing those precious moments that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed. Contact me to discuss any projects.

Why “Brown Mountain Light”?

“Brown Mountain Light” is a bit of a play on The Brown Mountain Lights, mysterious lights that appear near Brown Mountain in western North Carolina. There are many explanations for these lights, from physics to the supernatural, but the reason for their appearance remains disputed. In the same regard, what makes a great photo is often an unexplained element. Beyond lighting and composition, there’s another less tangible quality that whispers something to the viewer. This is what separates a great photo from a good one, and this is what I strive to capture in my photography.