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“Shooting” Wildlife In The Interior

Since my recent trip to Alaska, I’ve finally found some time to dig back through my journal and sift through my notes. A big lesson I learned about wildlife photography is that it’s a lot like hunting. Access, tracking, and patience are all very key in both games.

As I was gearing up for the trip, I spent a lot of time deciding what equipment I needed and how to carry it. I should’ve also been researching the local wildlife and their behavior patterns. After all, the best gear in the world does you no good if there’s nothing to shoot! Fortunately for me, Denali National Park is a protected wildlife area so the critters there are quite used to humans and don’t mind cameras a bit.

Luck also plays an important role in nature photography. Denali was also a prime subject in addition to the wildlife, but she can be quite shy at times. Many visitors to Denali National Park never get a glimpse this great mountain unobstructed by clouds. I was in the park for four days and only on the final day did Denali grace us with her presence. I felt quite fortunate to capture this moment as a parting shot:

Denali, Alaska

Denali from Reflection Pond

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